Monday, 23 December 2013

Planning 2014 Outdoor Summer Events

With 2013 rapidly drawing to a close, most big event organisers will already be rubbing their hands at the prospect of a bumper summer in 2014, when the music festival season once again comes around. The elite events are probably already organised to the minutest detail, with perhaps the exception of finalising the line-up. However, plenty of other events (apart from actual dates set in stone) will still be very much in the planning process.

That means there is still plenty of time to make sure you have your ground protection plan in place. Many of the modern outdoor events take place on hired pieces of land that owners expect to get back in the best condition possible. If you have witnessed some of the previous big summer festivals, a mud bath is not an entirely uncommon occurrence. However, where possible, the implementation of ground protection mats, these kinds of situations can be minimised.

The mats themselves can be used as walkways, they can also be used as temporary roads and even temporary car parks, which can make the transport situation a much smoother process in an area that is not used to lots of traffic and vehicles.

Check out the main website at Ground Access Hire for lots more details.

Keeping Your Winter Wonderland Safe with Anti Slip Ground Protection

Over the coming weeks, many of the major towns and cities up and down the UK, will be staging their own versions of a winter wonderland. In addition to Christmas markets, there will be all kinds of other festive delights, with fun fairs, Santa’s grotto areas, ice skating rinks, outdoor music concerts and other various forms of entertainment to keep the family entertained in between bouts of shopping during the schools out period.

As punters or shoppers, we very often don’t see the time and hard work that goes into preparing these events to ensure that they run smoothly and more importantly keep people safe while they are having a good time.

The elements are perhaps an organiser’s biggest nightmare as it’s something there is simply no control over – so the weather has to be taken into account. You might be lucky and have a prolonged spell of dry and relatively mild weather but not preparing for rain, snow and ice would be foolish in the months of December and January. You certainly don’t want parents and children slip sliding their way to see Santa because he is there to hand out gifts rather than first aid! Despite the weather conditions, people have that little bit extra resilience at this time of year and will be determined to get into the festive spirit – so even when the weather is bad, you must prepare your venue or area for the impending arrival of human feet.

Ground protection should be high on the list of any organisers’ “things to do” as not only is it likely to keep people safer but it’s also likely to make the event a much more pleasant experience for everyone involved.
Companies like Ground Access Hire are an ideal place to turn to for all your big events and special outdoor occasions. The ground protection mats themselves can be hired and usually installed and removed (post event) by the company staff. The mats are strong and durable enough to take plenty of weight in all kinds of weather and the anti-slip surface means that all of the people attending the event will be able to walk confidently on the artificial surface. If the heavens do open, a quagmire can usually be avoided with the mats in place so there is no need for the event to be spoiled in any way.

For more information about ground protection for your upcoming events, visit our main website now.

Sunday, 8 December 2013

Ensure Your Christmas Market isn’t a Washout with Ground Protection

The Christmas decorations have already been in the shops for quite some time and some of you may have already finished your seasonal shopping but the festivities are only just getting going in our villages, towns and cities. In the coming days and weeks, the Christmas markets will be in full swing, with many of them being touring markets and in different towns for a few days at a time.

Often these markets are set up along streets in the town centre but they can also feature on fields and other areas of the town that may require a bit more preparation. December is notoriously unpredictable in terms of the weather and for those hosting markets it may well be worth your while to hire the relevant number of ground protection mats. This can not only ensure the event can go ahead regardless of the weather but will protect the ground at the same time. The many pedestrians and visitors to the market will also have a much more pleasant experience if the ground they are walking on is stable and secure as opposed to an unpleasant concoction of squelching mud!

Please visit the Ground Access Hire website to learn all about ground protection mats and how they can make sure your Christmas market is a merry one!

Friday, 15 November 2013

Avoiding a Mud Bath with Specially Designed Ground Protection Mats

We have reached the letter “M” in our alphabetic series of blogs about Ground Access Hire and Protection mats, so let’s focus on the “mats” themselves for this episode.

The main aims of the mats or Trakmats are to deliver an artificial surface that will temporarily protect the ground, whilst being strong and stable enough to be effective in a whole range of environments and for various different uses.

Some of the most common places to see these mats in action is at events such as summer music festivals or local fetes as well as for things like temporary road works or building work, where access might be across difficult terrain. If you think about the heavy machinery, including vehicles that may need to gain access to a particular site, then you can perhaps understand how important the protection mats are in not only protecting the ground underneath but also providing that stable platform for the vehicles to cross back and forth safely.
Avoiding a mud bath is just one of the many benefits associated with ground protection mats. Some of the others include things like their easy assembly. It really doesn’t take long to get the mats laid into position and ready for use. In most cases, the company you are hiring the mats from will lay them for you, but it’s certainly straightforward enough to lay them yourselves if you prefer. They are extremely light, being made from HD Polyethylene, but are really robust when in position and feature a non-slip surface that give any passing vehicles and pedestrians extra grip.

So, whatever time of year, whatever the event or need, these Trakmats can prove invaluable. Whether it’s an outdoor concert in a park or field, a wedding ceremony and reception in a garden or a new construction project – you may not be able to stop the rain from falling but you can do your utmost to avoid what would otherwise be a certain mud bath. The mats will also make all of these suggested environments safer not only to work in, but for the general public (if it’s an event of some kind) to move around in.

Long term or short term, Trakmats provide a genuine solution to many of the problems that can occur on ground that is at risk from the elements. They can be hired all across the UK and you can find much more information over on out main website –

Monday, 14 October 2013

An Alphabet of Ground Protection Mats: "L" for Lawn Protection

As well as being ideal for larger events and uses such as festivals and road works and other industrial situations, ground protection mats are also crucial for “smaller” uses such as lawn protection. There are a variety of reasons why you might need protection mats for your lawn, from getting some new landscaping features installed, perhaps a water feature, to hosting a summer party or even a small wedding or wedding reception on your spacious back garden.

If you are planning one of the above operations, then it will be vital to protect your treasured lawn as any heavy machinery or number of people (with their trampling feet) on top of it can seriously damage the surface and leave it looking a complete mess.

The mats are so easy to assemble, that if you have the available time, you can install or lay them yourself. If you prefer someone to do it for you, then a professional company such as Ground Access Hire can do all of that for you while you concentrate on your upcoming event or occasion.

When your event or period of construction/work is concluded, the same company will come and collect the mats and your lovely lawn will be back on view again – none the worse for wear!

Sunday, 6 October 2013

Preparing for your Bonfire Night Firework Parties with Ground Protection

If you are part of a group that organises special outdoor events and functions, you may well be looking back at the summer with a degree of satisfaction (especially after the weather of the last few years) having enjoyed a relatively decent and dry summer. Maybe you used ground protection mats, maybe you didn’t but the weather helped you out anyway and you were able to return the festival ground or farmer’s field back to the owners in pretty good shape.

As autumn and then winter descends, there are less and less of these outdoor events to organise, largely because it’s simply too cold for them to be enjoyable. However, there are still one or two significant events to organise and with the weather becoming more and more unpredictable in the latter stages of the year, it is probably even more important to prepare well.

In days gone by, November 5th and the days either side of it, many people would have their own private fireworks parties, very often with a bonfire in the back garden. As safety concerns have risen, these sorts of private or family parties have been largely discouraged in favour of the much larger community firework displays. These are not simply a bonfire and a few fireworks though, as many of these events cater for hundreds, even thousands of people and include novelty stalls, food and drink and even fairground rides. This obviously takes a lot of organising and very often need larger areas of ground to cater for the numbers.

Ground protection mats are ideally suited to this kind of event and could prove invaluable. Even if the heavens don’t open on the night itself, the chances are that by this time of the year, the ground is soft at best and sodden at worst. The mats which can be laid very quickly (so don’t require being down too far ahead of the event itself) and taken up again quickly when the event is over can be used either as temporary parking or perhaps more importantly for temporary pathways for all of the people to walk safely on.

Avoiding a mud bath means that everyone is free to enjoy a great night of fireworks and festivities and bring peace of mind to event organisers up and down the country.

For more information about ground protection, please visit our main website at

Monday, 30 September 2013

A Sporting Chance – Sports Field Maintenance

With the football season just getting into full swing up and down the country, most fans will hope they never have to see a ground protection mat on their favourite sporting field and fortunately most work that is conducted on these sports grounds is usually scheduled for the period between seasons. However, for various reasons during the breaks between sporting activities, many sports fields require maintenance and protecting the ground from heavy machinery or lots of trampling feet becomes very important.

In addition to routine maintenance procedures, many modern sports arenas and fields feature other special events such as concerts and festivals, especially during the summer months and if the pitches are not covered this can cause huge disruption and damage to the playing surface. With many of these venues needing to host other events in order to keep a steady stream of revenue, it has become more and more important for the organisers to find a suitable solution in order to protect the ground from serious damage.

That solution in many instances is the use of ground protection mats which form a protective barrier between the field of play and the machines and feet that will cross it. These sorts of mats have become really popular for these occasions largely thanks to their ease of use. They are light enough to be handled easily, yet strong and durable enough to be able to take significant amounts of weight.

They are not complicated and can be laid into position very quickly and removed just as efficiently, especially useful when wanting to return the field to its original purpose against the backdrop of a deadline.

Made from HD Polyethylene, the non slip surface ensures that they are really safe to walk on whilst also minimising the risk of tyres slipping on them. Briefly, here are some of the other features of ground protection mats:

They are rot proof – so it doesn't matter how long they are standing and in what conditions.

Plywood panels have been used in the past (and are still sometimes used) but they don’t provide anywhere near the amount of grip and durability.

Environmental damage is kept to an absolute minimum, meaning landowners are much more likely to accept their use.

Once in position, the mats look very professional which again means that they are quickly accepted and embraced by organisers.

If you are responsible for sports field maintenance, then please visit our main website at Ground Access Hire and we can supply mats for either short or long term hire.

Thursday, 12 September 2013

An Alphabet of Ground Protection Mats: H – I

If you have been following our alphabetic blog series you will remember that in our last episode we tackled “F” and “G”, so that brings us up to the letters “H” and “I” for this instalment. Remember, these blogs are all about Ground Protection and the many places that it can be useful and the equipment that can be used in the process.


Hotel Events – Many hotels have become so much more than just a place to get a good night’s rest after a long journey. Many hotels are now fully set up to host a whole range of functions such as weddings, wedding receptions, parties, conferences and many other events. Very often, an event may need to be staged on the grounds outside and this is where the ground protection mats can prove very useful as they are laid across the surface to protect from any damage from both feet and vehicles (if vehicles need access).


We don’t really have anything for the letter “I” but if you require more information about what you have read above or more details about ground protection mats or the company Ground Access Hire, then please feel free to head on over to our main website, where you can also find our contact details.

Sunday, 1 September 2013

An Alphabet of Ground Protection Mats: F – G

We hope you are enjoying our series of blogs that we have dedicated to looking at our Ground Access Hire business from the perspective of the alphabet. We have reached the letters F and G, so let’s just have a brief look at a few things associated with this part of the alphabet.


Funfairs/Fetes – At the time of writing, we are in the middle of the summer holidays and it’s the time when many towns and villages host their local fetes or even invite a travelling funfair to town for a few days. Of course, unless there is already a dedicated site, these events will normally take place on a local field and if the correct precautions are not taken, the farmer (whose field he has kindly allowed for use) will be very unhappy indeed, after hundreds of people have trampled upon it. The solution - Ground protection mats!


Garden Protection – Perhaps you are building a new water feature in the middle of your lawn, but to do so, you need to get some heavy machinery to the relevant site. Unless you protect the existing turf, you could end up with a muddy mess in addition to your new pond, so consider hiring a ground protection company to ensure this doesn't happen.

Sunday, 11 August 2013

An Alphabet of Ground Protection Mats: D – E

In the first two parts of this alphabetic blog series, we looked at the first three letters, A-C. So, moving on, let’s have a look at what the letters D and E present in the world of Ground Access Hire.

In fact, D and E actually bring some of the most important aspects of the whole business to the fore, two of the most crucial ingredients for the whole ground protection industry.


Damage Avoidance – Really the whole point of ground protection and the use of ground protection mats is to avoid damage to the ground that ultimately ends up underneath them. As we have seen in previous chapters, the ground in question could be anything from a new building site, a large summer music festival (event access) or even someone’s back garden where a small wedding might be taking place.

The protection mats themselves are designed to deliver an artificial surface that is both strong and safe to not only walk on but in many cases, to drive on as well, all the while providing protection to the ground underneath from all kinds of damage.

Although their function is essentially always the same (protection the ground), the mats are versatile in the sense that they can be used for walkways, roadways or even car parks on a temporary basis. In the past, plywood panels have sometimes been used for some of these situations but the grip on the mats, which are made from HD polyethylene, is far superior and makes them a much more suitable choice.


Emergency Access – Sometimes, essential building work needs to take place outside or near to very important buildings or areas, such as hospitals or perhaps a section of road that needs to be repaired but on which traffic needs to continue to flow. The ground protection mats are ideal for providing temporary emergency access to places such as these and are of course strong and sturdy enough to carry out the job required comfortably. The fact that the mats are easy to assemble, to put into position and then dismantle and remove again when no longer required, makes them absolutely ideal for emergency access situations.

You can of course, learn lots more about our ground protection mats over on our main website, where you can also contact us if you wish to hire some of the mats for one of your own events.

Sunday, 21 July 2013

An Alphabet of Ground Protection Mats: C

Continuing our interesting look at how the services of Ground Access Hire work their way through the alphabet. We have just reached the letter “C”.

Car Boot Sales – It has arguably been the century of the car boot sale so far. With an increasing interest in antiques, not to mention a global financial crisis - with everyone on the lookout for a great bargain, car boot sales have become one of the top Sunday afternoon hunting grounds. So, the two main ingredients of a car boot sale – cars and people – are the two main reasons why ground protection mats can make such a difference at these events. Very often hosted on fields, the mats can be used to absorb all that weight of both vehicles and trampling feet.

Caravan Parks – Another area ideally suited to the temporary protection that the mats can provide, providing a covering for the ground and stability for caravans and vehicles. When that rain comes and it will come, the mats can help to avoid a mountain of misery.

Construction Industry – Heavy machinery, building sites, British weather – a perfect recipe for a complete and utter mess and mud bath. The ground protection mats can work on areas that are grassed or already paved as well areas that require storage but perhaps more importantly, the temporary roadways and pathways can make the whole experience much nicer. These sorts of mats are very much a staple of the construction industry.

An Alphabet of Ground Protection Mats: A-B

In this upcoming series of blogs we are going to be looking at all things to do with ground protection mats, where you might find them, what you might use them for and how they can make a difference in a variety of situations. We are going to use the alphabet because it just seems like a methodical way to work our way through all of the benefits and features that are available through Ground Access Hire.


Access – Ground protection mats are all about creating access to areas that might otherwise become impassable – usually for safety reasons. It might be a car park, it might be a roadway or a pathway. In fact, the mats could be used for almost anything that helps to provide better, safer, easier access to a whole host of events and venues.

Air Shows – During summer months, air shows are extremely popular and you can find them at various places up and down the country. While most of your time will be spent looking up towards the low flying aircraft and the fantastic formations and displays, you will often take for granted what is below you. What if the weather turns sour? What if the ground the show is taking place on, is normally precious farmland? Will the field become a mud bath? Can the ground cope with hundreds, even thousands of people walking across it? The solution – ground protection mats.


Building Sites – If you have ever worked on a building site, you will know just how dangerous and precarious they can be without all of the right equipment and safety gear on site. In fact, the last 20 or 30 years have seen many improvements in health and safety and most well run building sites simply won’t allow work to commence until everything is in place. Ground protection mats can be used for many different areas of a building site. They can be used to create temporary car parks and roadways for heavy machinery and equipment or they can be laid in areas where perhaps there are portable toilets to provide some stability. So, the mats are really important in this particular industry.

Friday, 21 June 2013

How Trak Mats Can Aid Developers

Many towns and cities are seeing an increase in construction. Big developments such as supermarkets, out-of-town retail parks and housing developments are springing up across the country. Industry experts surmise that the growth may highlight that the UK is finally out of recession.

However, with re-development comes mess and concerns for structures already in place. Popular in the construction industry at the moment is the need for ground protection mats. Not only do they protect the ground underneath but they also provide a safe and secure roadway for construction vehicles.

The temporary ground protection panels are often used for safeguarding existing block-work, tarmac or grassed areas from heavy loads and machinery whilst enabling an easy site route for vehicles and plant hire.
The easy to use mats can be taken away quickly at the end of development with the minimum of fuss and no damage to the ground underneath.

The use of these mats will save money as there will be no damage to carry out from heavy tools and machinery. The only equipment required to tighten the bolts on these mats is an Impact Driver and a 14mm socket.

There are many benefits to using Ground Access Hire's boards. TrakMats are;

·         Lightweight, only 33kgs
·         Easy to handle 
·         Constructed from durable HD Polyethylene renowned for being a tough material.

·         Connected together easily and joined using Urethane connectors and bolts. 

Thursday, 13 June 2013

A Temporary Car Park Can Make a Permanent Difference

If you have ever hosted an event that required the use of your lawn for extra car parking, you are probably fully aware of the terrible damage that can be caused from just a few cars rolling across your pristine lawn. With summer finally under way, it’s quite possible that many of us are planning and preparing a whole host of events to be staged on our own land or property, from simple barbeques to glamorous wedding receptions.

Of course, here in the UK, the summer doesn't always (ever?) equate to good, dry weather. So, the chances are that even if the sun is shining, the ground will still be moist underfoot and you are having nightmares about those extra cars that need to park on your lawn or patch of land to avoid blocking the road.

There is a simple solution and its comes in the form of ground protection mats. They are made from HD Polyethylene which are light and hard wearing and are perfect for creating temporary car parks. The mats also have a non-slip surface, so even if there is some wet weather, it will help to prevent tyres from slipping.

Very easy to assemble and put down and just as simple to remove, they can be put into place shortly before the event and removed shortly after with the minimum of fuss.

For more information, please visit our main website at

Monday, 20 May 2013

Carry on Camping with Ground Protection Mats

The British summer is notorious for not being very summer like, but that doesn't stop millions of us still choosing to holiday in our own country. Of course there many wonderful places to visit up and down the UK and caravanning and camping have always been great ways of getting up close and personal with the British countryside.

However, because of that unpredictable weather, many of our camp sites and caravan sites can be turned into quagmires during holiday season and make for a very unpleasant, wet and muddy experience. Well, for camp site owners and individual caravan holidaymakers, perhaps the ground protection mats supplied by Ground Access Hire may prove to be an ideal solution and help to prevent your summer holiday from becoming a wash out.

The mats themselves are relatively lightweight, yet extremely strong and durable. They are easy to slot together and assemble which means customers can easily assemble them themselves if need be. If you require members of the Ground Access Hire to do the assembly, this is also an option. They could be used for temporary walkways and temporary car parks within the camp site or in other areas that might be at risk from turning into a mud bath.

Please see our main website for more details.

Size Doesn’t Matter - Ground Protection for Events Large and Small

You heard it here first...size doesn't matter, at least not when it comes to the size of your summer event or festival and your need for protecting the ground with our ground protection mats. If you are having a small village fete and expect just a trickle of visitors, a fancy wedding on a back field or a concert/music festival in which thousands might be in attendance, our team of professionals are well equipped to deal with any occasion.

We are about at that time of year, when music festivals up and down the country are either about to get under way or are in the final planning stages. There is usually a little something for every musical taste, with plenty to please the mainstream pop and rock fans as well as quirkier, alternative offerings.

For those of you who have been to a music festival, regardless of its size, your experience may first of all be dictated by the weather. If the heavens open, the bottom line is you are going to get wet, but if there are ground protection mats positioned in the most crucial areas of the site, then a mud bath can be avoided.

We have all seen images on our TV screens of completely drenched music lovers up to their ears in mud at major music festivals and it’s quite clear that in these particular areas ground protection mats have not been employed.

Although we are more than happy to tackle larger events here at Ground Access Hire, we are also perfectly set up to cater for smaller events. Things like car boot sales, markets and sports days can all benefit from the firm footing that the mats provide. If the event needs an area for car parking, this too is perfect for protection mats, with them protecting the ground from all of those heavy wheels and vehicles.

Another perfect use for the mats is to create temporary roadways or pathways for events held on the beach, perhaps a wedding reception or other beach event. The mats make it much easier for both vehicles and people to make their way across the sand to where the actual event is being staged.

If you are planning an event and are considering the use of protection mats, please feel free to contact us via our main website and we can certainly provide you with good advice and point you in the right direction.

Monday, 29 April 2013

The Ground Protection Top 10

Using ground protection mats is the ideal way to protect surfaces from either heavy construction or trampling feet. If you are keen to avoid a mud bath at an upcoming special event, then these easy to use mats could be the solution. Here are 10 reasons why:

Safety – With a crucial non slip surface, it means that when lots of people are walking on top of them, there is a much reduced risk of people slipping over.

Assembly – Assembling the mats into position is really simple and you won’t need any other products to help you set up. You can assemble them yourself or hire a team to sort all that out for you.

Strength – The mats are strong and can handle about 60 tonnes of weight on top of them, so if heavy machinery can easily move across the surface, thousands of people won’t be a problem either.

Lightweight – Despite their strength and durability the ground protection mats are actually relatively light. Being made from HD Polyethylene makes them really easy to handle.

Multiple Uses – Temporary car parks, temporary roadways, flooring for outdoor events such as festivals and weddings are all within the capabilities of the mats.

Different Surfaces – They can protect fields, gardens, sandy beach areas and driveways.

Looking Good – Despite being highly functional, once in situ, the protection mats actually look good too. Tidy and organised.

Time – Not only can they be quickly assembled and dismantled but they can also be used over short or long periods of time.

Versatile – What if your field isn’t flat? What if there are lumps, bumps or even steep inclines? The mats, with their different available connections are suitable for all kinds of terrain.

Ground Access Hire – A company that are not only expert and experienced suppliers of ground protection mats but they will also, in most cases and if you request it, install the mats ahead of your event or building work and also be on site to dismantle and remove the mats once your project is completed, giving you peace of mind and confidence that the job will be done correctly and safely.

For much more information about ground protection mats for your summer festival or building enterprise, please visit our main website over at, where you can browse through all the services and products we provide and find our details if you wish to ask us further questions.

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Planning For the Summer with Ground Access Hire

After a particularly grim winter, most people will be turning their attentions to the upcoming summer months and hoping for far better weather than has been on offer in the last 12 months. You might even be planning your own summer event, whether it’s a festival (large or small), an outdoor wedding with reception to follow or even a series of car boot sales.

If you are hosting an event such as this on a piece of land that is normally a field (public or private) or even on a large private garden, then you are probably already considering the best way to protect the ground.
Here at Ground Access Hire (view our main website by following the link) we offer solutions for a range of different situations in which the ground needs to be protected in some way.

Ground protection mats are absolutely ideal for the sorts of events and functions mentioned above and can be used in a range of different environments such as fields, gardens, car parks and even beaches!
When wet weather does unfortunately present a problem at our summer fetes and festivals, the ground protection mats can either help to prevent a build up of mud or make the ground safer if mud has already accumulated.

Despite being really strong, these mats are also very light and easy to manage. Depending on your requirements and the size of your event, you could either put the mats into position yourself or ask the Ground Access Hire team to install them for you. Hopefully, we will see better weather this year, but this is the UK after all and the next deluge is never too far away!

If you are planning a special occasion outdoors this summer, please visit our website for lots more information about how you can protect your surface.

Introducing Ground Access Hire

Welcome to the Ground Access Hire Blog, which we hope will become an interesting companion piece to our main website.

What/who is Ground Access Hire? It’s a company of dedicated professionals who are specialists in the supply and installation of Ground Protection Mat Applications.

What does that actually mean? Well, if you have ever been to an outdoors event such as a music festival, it’s likely you have walked all across these ground protection mats and your life has been made much easier because of them. Some mud baths are almost unavoidable but the mats can either help to prevent one in the first place or make areas safer that are already covered in mud.

It’s not just mats for festivals and outdoor events; they can also be used in the construction industry and used as temporary roadways for heavy machinery to gain access to building sites and other areas of industry.

What we hope to do via this blog, is bring you a little bit closer to the action, tell you a bit more about what we can do and what we can offer and hopefully provide you with some useful information, especially if you have some upcoming construction work or outdoor events planned.

For more detailed information, please see our main website at Ground Access Hire.

Friday, 5 April 2013

Ground Protection Even More Crucial after Months of Rain

It’s been another miserable winter of weather for most of us in the UK and although the promise of spring is here with the arrival of March, the ground up and down the country is still completely sodden. You can still see fields drenched in water and unless the weather improves dramatically and drastically over the coming weeks, there are going to be some very concerned land owners as spring and summer events get into full swing.

If you are looking to avoid a mud bath, then thankfully help is at hand in the form of the expertise and equipment of the Ground Access Hire team.

Perhaps you have a fortnightly car boot sale planned for the warmer months but are concerned that the grass is going to resemble a brown mess afterwards or maybe you have village festivals planned, or even festivals on a much larger scale.

Ground protection mats can make the world of difference and will effectively protect your field or piece of land from the worst of the trampling feet and rolling tyres. Very quick and easy to put down and just as convenient to remove after the event, they should be your first port of call for all of your upcoming outdoor events.

Check out the main Ground Access Hire website for lots more information.