Friday, 5 April 2013

Ground Protection Even More Crucial after Months of Rain

It’s been another miserable winter of weather for most of us in the UK and although the promise of spring is here with the arrival of March, the ground up and down the country is still completely sodden. You can still see fields drenched in water and unless the weather improves dramatically and drastically over the coming weeks, there are going to be some very concerned land owners as spring and summer events get into full swing.

If you are looking to avoid a mud bath, then thankfully help is at hand in the form of the expertise and equipment of the Ground Access Hire team.

Perhaps you have a fortnightly car boot sale planned for the warmer months but are concerned that the grass is going to resemble a brown mess afterwards or maybe you have village festivals planned, or even festivals on a much larger scale.

Ground protection mats can make the world of difference and will effectively protect your field or piece of land from the worst of the trampling feet and rolling tyres. Very quick and easy to put down and just as convenient to remove after the event, they should be your first port of call for all of your upcoming outdoor events.

Check out the main Ground Access Hire website for lots more information.

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