Thursday, 13 June 2013

A Temporary Car Park Can Make a Permanent Difference

If you have ever hosted an event that required the use of your lawn for extra car parking, you are probably fully aware of the terrible damage that can be caused from just a few cars rolling across your pristine lawn. With summer finally under way, it’s quite possible that many of us are planning and preparing a whole host of events to be staged on our own land or property, from simple barbeques to glamorous wedding receptions.

Of course, here in the UK, the summer doesn't always (ever?) equate to good, dry weather. So, the chances are that even if the sun is shining, the ground will still be moist underfoot and you are having nightmares about those extra cars that need to park on your lawn or patch of land to avoid blocking the road.

There is a simple solution and its comes in the form of ground protection mats. They are made from HD Polyethylene which are light and hard wearing and are perfect for creating temporary car parks. The mats also have a non-slip surface, so even if there is some wet weather, it will help to prevent tyres from slipping.

Very easy to assemble and put down and just as simple to remove, they can be put into place shortly before the event and removed shortly after with the minimum of fuss.

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