Sunday, 21 July 2013

An Alphabet of Ground Protection Mats: C

Continuing our interesting look at how the services of Ground Access Hire work their way through the alphabet. We have just reached the letter “C”.

Car Boot Sales – It has arguably been the century of the car boot sale so far. With an increasing interest in antiques, not to mention a global financial crisis - with everyone on the lookout for a great bargain, car boot sales have become one of the top Sunday afternoon hunting grounds. So, the two main ingredients of a car boot sale – cars and people – are the two main reasons why ground protection mats can make such a difference at these events. Very often hosted on fields, the mats can be used to absorb all that weight of both vehicles and trampling feet.

Caravan Parks – Another area ideally suited to the temporary protection that the mats can provide, providing a covering for the ground and stability for caravans and vehicles. When that rain comes and it will come, the mats can help to avoid a mountain of misery.

Construction Industry – Heavy machinery, building sites, British weather – a perfect recipe for a complete and utter mess and mud bath. The ground protection mats can work on areas that are grassed or already paved as well areas that require storage but perhaps more importantly, the temporary roadways and pathways can make the whole experience much nicer. These sorts of mats are very much a staple of the construction industry.

An Alphabet of Ground Protection Mats: A-B

In this upcoming series of blogs we are going to be looking at all things to do with ground protection mats, where you might find them, what you might use them for and how they can make a difference in a variety of situations. We are going to use the alphabet because it just seems like a methodical way to work our way through all of the benefits and features that are available through Ground Access Hire.


Access – Ground protection mats are all about creating access to areas that might otherwise become impassable – usually for safety reasons. It might be a car park, it might be a roadway or a pathway. In fact, the mats could be used for almost anything that helps to provide better, safer, easier access to a whole host of events and venues.

Air Shows – During summer months, air shows are extremely popular and you can find them at various places up and down the country. While most of your time will be spent looking up towards the low flying aircraft and the fantastic formations and displays, you will often take for granted what is below you. What if the weather turns sour? What if the ground the show is taking place on, is normally precious farmland? Will the field become a mud bath? Can the ground cope with hundreds, even thousands of people walking across it? The solution – ground protection mats.


Building Sites – If you have ever worked on a building site, you will know just how dangerous and precarious they can be without all of the right equipment and safety gear on site. In fact, the last 20 or 30 years have seen many improvements in health and safety and most well run building sites simply won’t allow work to commence until everything is in place. Ground protection mats can be used for many different areas of a building site. They can be used to create temporary car parks and roadways for heavy machinery and equipment or they can be laid in areas where perhaps there are portable toilets to provide some stability. So, the mats are really important in this particular industry.