Friday, 15 November 2013

Avoiding a Mud Bath with Specially Designed Ground Protection Mats

We have reached the letter “M” in our alphabetic series of blogs about Ground Access Hire and Protection mats, so let’s focus on the “mats” themselves for this episode.

The main aims of the mats or Trakmats are to deliver an artificial surface that will temporarily protect the ground, whilst being strong and stable enough to be effective in a whole range of environments and for various different uses.

Some of the most common places to see these mats in action is at events such as summer music festivals or local fetes as well as for things like temporary road works or building work, where access might be across difficult terrain. If you think about the heavy machinery, including vehicles that may need to gain access to a particular site, then you can perhaps understand how important the protection mats are in not only protecting the ground underneath but also providing that stable platform for the vehicles to cross back and forth safely.
Avoiding a mud bath is just one of the many benefits associated with ground protection mats. Some of the others include things like their easy assembly. It really doesn’t take long to get the mats laid into position and ready for use. In most cases, the company you are hiring the mats from will lay them for you, but it’s certainly straightforward enough to lay them yourselves if you prefer. They are extremely light, being made from HD Polyethylene, but are really robust when in position and feature a non-slip surface that give any passing vehicles and pedestrians extra grip.

So, whatever time of year, whatever the event or need, these Trakmats can prove invaluable. Whether it’s an outdoor concert in a park or field, a wedding ceremony and reception in a garden or a new construction project – you may not be able to stop the rain from falling but you can do your utmost to avoid what would otherwise be a certain mud bath. The mats will also make all of these suggested environments safer not only to work in, but for the general public (if it’s an event of some kind) to move around in.

Long term or short term, Trakmats provide a genuine solution to many of the problems that can occur on ground that is at risk from the elements. They can be hired all across the UK and you can find much more information over on out main website –