Sunday, 6 October 2013

Preparing for your Bonfire Night Firework Parties with Ground Protection

If you are part of a group that organises special outdoor events and functions, you may well be looking back at the summer with a degree of satisfaction (especially after the weather of the last few years) having enjoyed a relatively decent and dry summer. Maybe you used ground protection mats, maybe you didn’t but the weather helped you out anyway and you were able to return the festival ground or farmer’s field back to the owners in pretty good shape.

As autumn and then winter descends, there are less and less of these outdoor events to organise, largely because it’s simply too cold for them to be enjoyable. However, there are still one or two significant events to organise and with the weather becoming more and more unpredictable in the latter stages of the year, it is probably even more important to prepare well.

In days gone by, November 5th and the days either side of it, many people would have their own private fireworks parties, very often with a bonfire in the back garden. As safety concerns have risen, these sorts of private or family parties have been largely discouraged in favour of the much larger community firework displays. These are not simply a bonfire and a few fireworks though, as many of these events cater for hundreds, even thousands of people and include novelty stalls, food and drink and even fairground rides. This obviously takes a lot of organising and very often need larger areas of ground to cater for the numbers.

Ground protection mats are ideally suited to this kind of event and could prove invaluable. Even if the heavens don’t open on the night itself, the chances are that by this time of the year, the ground is soft at best and sodden at worst. The mats which can be laid very quickly (so don’t require being down too far ahead of the event itself) and taken up again quickly when the event is over can be used either as temporary parking or perhaps more importantly for temporary pathways for all of the people to walk safely on.

Avoiding a mud bath means that everyone is free to enjoy a great night of fireworks and festivities and bring peace of mind to event organisers up and down the country.

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