Monday, 23 December 2013

Keeping Your Winter Wonderland Safe with Anti Slip Ground Protection

Over the coming weeks, many of the major towns and cities up and down the UK, will be staging their own versions of a winter wonderland. In addition to Christmas markets, there will be all kinds of other festive delights, with fun fairs, Santa’s grotto areas, ice skating rinks, outdoor music concerts and other various forms of entertainment to keep the family entertained in between bouts of shopping during the schools out period.

As punters or shoppers, we very often don’t see the time and hard work that goes into preparing these events to ensure that they run smoothly and more importantly keep people safe while they are having a good time.

The elements are perhaps an organiser’s biggest nightmare as it’s something there is simply no control over – so the weather has to be taken into account. You might be lucky and have a prolonged spell of dry and relatively mild weather but not preparing for rain, snow and ice would be foolish in the months of December and January. You certainly don’t want parents and children slip sliding their way to see Santa because he is there to hand out gifts rather than first aid! Despite the weather conditions, people have that little bit extra resilience at this time of year and will be determined to get into the festive spirit – so even when the weather is bad, you must prepare your venue or area for the impending arrival of human feet.

Ground protection should be high on the list of any organisers’ “things to do” as not only is it likely to keep people safer but it’s also likely to make the event a much more pleasant experience for everyone involved.
Companies like Ground Access Hire are an ideal place to turn to for all your big events and special outdoor occasions. The ground protection mats themselves can be hired and usually installed and removed (post event) by the company staff. The mats are strong and durable enough to take plenty of weight in all kinds of weather and the anti-slip surface means that all of the people attending the event will be able to walk confidently on the artificial surface. If the heavens do open, a quagmire can usually be avoided with the mats in place so there is no need for the event to be spoiled in any way.

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