Monday, 29 April 2013

The Ground Protection Top 10

Using ground protection mats is the ideal way to protect surfaces from either heavy construction or trampling feet. If you are keen to avoid a mud bath at an upcoming special event, then these easy to use mats could be the solution. Here are 10 reasons why:

Safety – With a crucial non slip surface, it means that when lots of people are walking on top of them, there is a much reduced risk of people slipping over.

Assembly – Assembling the mats into position is really simple and you won’t need any other products to help you set up. You can assemble them yourself or hire a team to sort all that out for you.

Strength – The mats are strong and can handle about 60 tonnes of weight on top of them, so if heavy machinery can easily move across the surface, thousands of people won’t be a problem either.

Lightweight – Despite their strength and durability the ground protection mats are actually relatively light. Being made from HD Polyethylene makes them really easy to handle.

Multiple Uses – Temporary car parks, temporary roadways, flooring for outdoor events such as festivals and weddings are all within the capabilities of the mats.

Different Surfaces – They can protect fields, gardens, sandy beach areas and driveways.

Looking Good – Despite being highly functional, once in situ, the protection mats actually look good too. Tidy and organised.

Time – Not only can they be quickly assembled and dismantled but they can also be used over short or long periods of time.

Versatile – What if your field isn’t flat? What if there are lumps, bumps or even steep inclines? The mats, with their different available connections are suitable for all kinds of terrain.

Ground Access Hire – A company that are not only expert and experienced suppliers of ground protection mats but they will also, in most cases and if you request it, install the mats ahead of your event or building work and also be on site to dismantle and remove the mats once your project is completed, giving you peace of mind and confidence that the job will be done correctly and safely.

For much more information about ground protection mats for your summer festival or building enterprise, please visit our main website over at, where you can browse through all the services and products we provide and find our details if you wish to ask us further questions.

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