Friday, 21 June 2013

How Trak Mats Can Aid Developers

Many towns and cities are seeing an increase in construction. Big developments such as supermarkets, out-of-town retail parks and housing developments are springing up across the country. Industry experts surmise that the growth may highlight that the UK is finally out of recession.

However, with re-development comes mess and concerns for structures already in place. Popular in the construction industry at the moment is the need for ground protection mats. Not only do they protect the ground underneath but they also provide a safe and secure roadway for construction vehicles.

The temporary ground protection panels are often used for safeguarding existing block-work, tarmac or grassed areas from heavy loads and machinery whilst enabling an easy site route for vehicles and plant hire.
The easy to use mats can be taken away quickly at the end of development with the minimum of fuss and no damage to the ground underneath.

The use of these mats will save money as there will be no damage to carry out from heavy tools and machinery. The only equipment required to tighten the bolts on these mats is an Impact Driver and a 14mm socket.

There are many benefits to using Ground Access Hire's boards. TrakMats are;

·         Lightweight, only 33kgs
·         Easy to handle 
·         Constructed from durable HD Polyethylene renowned for being a tough material.

·         Connected together easily and joined using Urethane connectors and bolts. 

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