Tuesday, 20 May 2014

5 summer events that might require ground protection

Aside from a new building project, there are plenty of other reasons why ground protection companies are likely to be very busy this summer up and down the country. Hopefully, the weather will be good and all of the events will be a huge success. Let’s take a quick look at some of those organisers who, if they haven’t already, need to be in contact with companies like Ground Access Hire to ensure their ground or land is sufficiently protected.
  1. Summer Weddings – Not all summer weddings will have an outdoor function, but there is growing popularity for this kind of celebration. Weddings or receptions might take place in a private garden or on a piece of public land and ground protection mats could be used as walkways or underneath marquees to provide a suitable surface.
  2. Music Festivals – It won’t be long before these festivals are in full swing around the country. They vary in size but whoever is on the bill, make sure that ground protection is seen as a priority.
  3. Sports Field Maintenance – The summer is often the off season for many sports and is usually a time to refresh and renew playing surfaces. Ground access mats can help make the procedure much easier and safer.
  4. Car Boot Sales – Not one that you would necessarily associate with ground protection mats, but a boot sale in the mud is generally no fun at all – so well worth considering.
  5. Villages Fetes and Fairs – You may be hoping for the sun to shine but if the rain comes and there are no mats in place, you might as well send everyone home!

You can learn much more about ground protection at Ground Access Hire

Ground Access Mats Pitching in for New Playing Surfaces

It’s the time of year when football clubs and other sports clubs around the country that feature a playing season that primarily takes place in winter months, are taking a well-earned break and perhaps looking to improve or totally renew their playing surfaces for next season. Time is of course of the essence, as ideally you don’t want to be laying new turf during the potentially hot and dry summer months, so with just a few weeks of late spring remaining, work forces are busy preparing their new playing fields.

Depending on both the size and location of the project, access will need to be considered as removing and then laying down a new turf surface can be a big task and involve a lot of heavy machinery. How will the machinery get from one end of the ground to the other, how will the vehicles enter and exit the site itself? Very often, the solution is to use what are often called ground protection mats as temporary roadways that provide access to everything entering and exiting the site.

There are likely to be diggers, tractors, dumper trucks and a variety of other specialist equipment requiring access to the important site and the ground protection mats, which are relatively lightweight are able to take all of their weight whilst protecting the surface underneath from any unnecessary damage, are a crucial part of the process. You may have seen this sort of mat in action before as you have passed various building sites.

They help to not only protect ground underneath but also help to provide traction for those vehicles and workers on the top. If the weather takes a turn for the worse, the mats will also help to prevent those particular areas from becoming a quagmire of mud and water. If everything is planned well in advance, all being well, your sports club or football team can start looking forward to a new season playing on a brand new surface that will hopefully deliver success on the pitch.

Ground Access Hire, are a company that hire and sell ground protection mats for situations like those mentioned above and plenty of others too. Please feel free to visit the main website, to learn much more about how you can protect your ground for any future events or building work.

Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Summer Wedding Success with Ground Protection Mats in Your Marquee

Summer weddings are always popular, and outdoor weddings especially have become even more popular in recent years. Everyone hopes for good weather on the big day itself and with a little bit of luck, the sun will shine and it will be a magnificent event that Bride, Groom, friends and family remember for many years. Regardless of the weather, however, plenty of preparation needs to be made when planning an outdoor event, perhaps even more so than an indoor wedding.

There are safety elements to consider that might otherwise already be taken care of at an indoor venue and of course the weather itself may yet play a big part. If you are hiring a big marquee for the event, either for the wedding ceremony itself or the reception afterwards, you need to consider the nature of the ground beneath the marquee. It might even be the case that you are hiring someone else’s ground and they have stipulated that they would like it back in very good condition.

Ground protection mats or temporary road mats as they are sometimes referred to, are the most obvious solution as they are versatile enough to work efficiently on most ground surfaces and really do increase safety levels. There might be a lot of people passing through the marquee and the more stable and even the ground is, the more successful your event will be. If the rain does unfortunately fall, you will certainly be glad you decided to hire or buy these protection mats as they can potentially prevent an actual mud bath from taking place.

The mats can make the ground as even as possible and provide a good walking surface for all those attending the wedding or other special event. A company like Ground Access Hire can provide you with much more information about the mats as well as actually supplying them for your event. In most cases you can choose to hire or buy. If you hire them, the engineers at GAH are able to install them in time for your event and also disassemble  them when the Bride and Groom are happily married and all the guests have gone home happy from the day’s big events.

Visit the Ground Access Hire website for lots more details.

Hiring Ground Protection Mats Made Easy

When hiring ground protection mats for your event, building project or other circumstance, it’s important to ensure your planning is spot on. You don’t want to pay for the mats for longer than you need to, so it’s important to make sure your dates are as accurate as possible.

Ground Access Hire can not only deliver and collect protection mats but can also install and assemble if so required. Here are a few quick details that will make the process of ordering much, much easier.

We will need not only your address (for further communication) but the actual address and postcode you wish the ground protection mats delivered to. As mentioned above, the relevant dates that the mats are required for and the length of time that they will be needed.

If possible, it would also help us to know what the ground conditions will be like where the mats are to be laid. We realise, if you are ordering well in advance that this can be difficult, but if to the best of your knowledge you can supply us with details, this will help immensely.

You will also need to tell us what the mats will be used for. Are you planning a small event, where just people will have access across the mats or will they be used for something much bigger and require vehicles to have access across the mats? If you will be using them for a temporary road, what length and width do you need them to be?

If you need any more information, you can find it on our website at Ground Access Hire.

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Glastonbury 2014 Line Up - Dolly Parton, Blondie, Lilly Allen and Ground Protection Mats

It’s that time of year when the bill for all the summer festivals gets drip fed to the public as various acts confirm their availability and intention to appear. Glastonbury 2014 has recently added Dolly Parton, Blondie, Lilly Allen and The Black Keys to the line-up which certainly covers a large swathe of the musical genres available!

There are sure to be further exciting announcements in the coming days and weeks but one act confirmed to be on the bill of most music festivals this summer is ground protection mats. They won’t be singing but they will be performing a number of very important tasks which include providing temporary car parks, roadways and pathways so that all of the festival goers and their vehicles can have a much safer and more stable experience while taking in some of their favourite bands.

Most organisers will have their ground protection plans well in hand already but if not, they really can prove to be a vital ingredient to a successful event on whatever scale.

Ground Access Hire are able to supply various kinds of ground protection for a whole host of events and festivals, so please visit the website for more details.

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Defying the Elements and Protecting Your Outdoor Event

Although the art of accurately forecasting the weather has improved immeasurably in recent years, there is still a significant fly in the ointment. We might be able to tell what’s coming and even when it’s coming but we can’t actually stop it from coming. When those rain clouds bubble up and the wind gets going, there is quite literally no stopping it.

So, the best way to deal with it is to have the best preparation possible. On an individual level, this might mean taking a waterproof coat to work with us because rain has been forecast for later in the day but what do you do if you are the organiser of a large outdoor event, be it a summer music festival or unique ceremony of some kind.

Well, you plan for each possible eventuality, at least in terms of the weather. If it’s really hot, you will need to make sure all of the visitors have plenty of water to drink, if it’s really wet, you might want to have waterproofs to sell or even to give away. However, you also need to think about making the venue safe. Extreme weather can have a devastating effect on the best laid plans so you need to be ready.

Ground protection mats are an absolutely essential ingredient of any modern outdoor event, large or small. Not only do they do just as they say - protect the ground - which is great when Farmer Bloggs comes round to inspect his land the day after everyone has gone home - but also they can protect the people during the festival. A mud bath is not conducive to a fun and successful event (despite some of the images you may have seen on TV over the years) and the ground protection mats can go some way to preventing the whole venue being caked in mud. There is also an element of safety to consider and the mats are particularly useful for allowing not just the paying customers safer passage through the venue but also the multitude of staff members that need crucial access to all areas of the venue.

So, you can’t technically beat the weather but you can take it on and give it a good run for its money by having your venue protected with the best planning and preparation possible. Check out the Ground Access HireWebsite for lots more ground protection details.

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Temporary Roadways - Another Form of Ground Protection

A temporary roadway can be used in areas as small as a garden or as large as a major building site and they are primarily designed to help heavy machinery cross areas of lawn or tarmac without causing any damage to the surface underneath.

You may want to build a swimming pool or other large water feature and will require heavy machinery, such as diggers and dump trucks (depending on the size of the project) to move across the ground to get access to the site.

The portable trackway or roadway pieces are specifically designed to carry this sort of weight and ensure that at the end of the job, your garden or piece of land is still in good condition.

Temporary roadways can also be constructed on building sites and they can be particularly useful for laying down across level crossings to prevent damage to the surface.

If you have a small or large building project coming up and are wondering how you will protect the ground from heavy plant that require access to the area, then these trakmats or ground protection mats can prove to be the ideal solution. Please visit our main Ground Access Hire website for lots more details and information.

Sunday, 23 February 2014

Ground Protection Mats - The Show Must Go On

Last time out, we looked at how important a role ground protection mats might play for the humble, local car boot sale looking to combat the great British weather in tandem with protecting a piece of land that might not be owned by the organisers of the sale. It’s a double responsibility of ensuring everyone at the event remains as safe as possible and ensuring that the grounds or premises are respected and looked after.

A car boot sale may be a low key example but it does help us to see just how important ground protection can be. During the summer months, there are likely to be many thousands of events and shows taking place around the country, all of which will involve masses of people congregating in areas where people are usually few and far between in areas such as farm land, parkland or even just open countryside.

Perhaps, the biggest modern summer events are the huge music festivals that take place, with a whole collection of pop and rock stars trawling the country, performing at festival after festival. Each of these festivals involves massive amounts preparation and planning and most organisers now factor in ground protection into their overall calculations. As much as they must hope for glorious sunshine and ground that is dry, they know that the heavens may open at any time and soak the very ground that thousands of people will be walking and dancing upon. There have of course, in the past, been occasions where events have had to be cancelled because the ground is no longer safe but most properly planned modern events, tend to go ahead.

However, without ground protection mats, many more summer events and shows would be in danger of cancellation. There are probably also some land owners that simply won’t rent their land out unless they have the guarantee from organisers that the ground will indeed be protected.

As well as pop and rock concerts, there are lots of air shows, agricultural shows, car shows and a whole range of smaller village fetes and festivals all hoping to provide fun for the masses during the summer months. As organisers, it’s likely you already have ground protection issues in hand, but if you don’t please feel free to get in touch with the team at Ground Access Hire, who can not only hire out the relevant equipment but also provide plenty of advice about the best way to tackle the issue at your event.

Friday, 14 February 2014

Start Planning for Car Boot Sale Season with Ground Protection

At the time of writing, we might still be in the depths of the winter months but it will only be a few weeks before people all around the country will start looking forward to spring and the summer beyond. Springtime not only delivers the promise of warmer weather to come but we also see the first sprinkling of the events that have become a British institution – the car boot sale.

Across the British Isles and perhaps even beyond, people in villages, towns and cities will be rifling through their belongings wondering what they can take to the next car boot sale. All of those unwanted Christmas presents will probably be first on the list (if they didn't already end up in the charity shops during the first week of January), as we hope to recover some of the cash that we really shouldn't have spent over the festive period. Perhaps there are things around the house we have been meaning to throw out for years but have since seen on one of those many antique, bargain TV programmes might actually be worth something, so we kept hold of them and plan on trying to get a few pennies for them at the boot sale.

With a bit of careful planning, a boot sale can provide some much needed extra income, especially during difficult economic times – every penny counts.

The sales themselves are usually held on fields or car parks, perhaps on a piece of land next to a pub or village hall. However, despite the improving weather, the potential for a torrential downpour is always a possibility in the UK and longer spells of wet weather is also a possibility. If you are the organiser of a car boot sale, then you may want to beat the weather and hopefully avoid a cancellation or postponement by planning some protection for the ground and venue of the event.

With cars (obviously) and people (also obviously) likely to be moving across the ground, it doesn't take long for the ground to become a quagmire in wet weather. Ground protection mats are the ideal solution as they can not only serve as a temporary car park but also as walkways for the buyers and sellers to move about on.

Over on the main Ground Access Hire website, you can find much more information about how to protect your ground by using these special mats to ensure your event is a complete success.

Heavy Duty Ground Protection with Tuff Trak

If you are expecting lots of heavy machinery and in general lots of traffic and plant across the area that needs ground protection, then Tuff Track is an ideal solution. It’s been designed specifically to handle plenty of weight and can take up to 100 tonnes across its surface and still perform admirably.

In days gone by, building sites became unbearable and often unsafe places to be and this was in part due to the state of the access points that led into the site. Without any sort of ground protection, these sites quickly became mud baths as soon as any adverse weather set in. With dump trucks, Lorries, forklifts, diggers, vans and other vehicles all using the same access points, these areas quickly became impassable and certainly slowed the whole job down, which in turn cost more and more money.

Using heavy duty ground protection mats, such as Tuff Trak helps to ensure that many, if not all of these problems don’t occur. The surface allows for excellent grip and helps to prevent vehicles from moving sideways once on the mats. There are a host of other benefits to the system too and it’s also an eco-friendly product. If you want to learn more, please visit our main website over at www.groundaccesshire.co.uk