Monday, 30 September 2013

A Sporting Chance – Sports Field Maintenance

With the football season just getting into full swing up and down the country, most fans will hope they never have to see a ground protection mat on their favourite sporting field and fortunately most work that is conducted on these sports grounds is usually scheduled for the period between seasons. However, for various reasons during the breaks between sporting activities, many sports fields require maintenance and protecting the ground from heavy machinery or lots of trampling feet becomes very important.

In addition to routine maintenance procedures, many modern sports arenas and fields feature other special events such as concerts and festivals, especially during the summer months and if the pitches are not covered this can cause huge disruption and damage to the playing surface. With many of these venues needing to host other events in order to keep a steady stream of revenue, it has become more and more important for the organisers to find a suitable solution in order to protect the ground from serious damage.

That solution in many instances is the use of ground protection mats which form a protective barrier between the field of play and the machines and feet that will cross it. These sorts of mats have become really popular for these occasions largely thanks to their ease of use. They are light enough to be handled easily, yet strong and durable enough to be able to take significant amounts of weight.

They are not complicated and can be laid into position very quickly and removed just as efficiently, especially useful when wanting to return the field to its original purpose against the backdrop of a deadline.

Made from HD Polyethylene, the non slip surface ensures that they are really safe to walk on whilst also minimising the risk of tyres slipping on them. Briefly, here are some of the other features of ground protection mats:

They are rot proof – so it doesn't matter how long they are standing and in what conditions.

Plywood panels have been used in the past (and are still sometimes used) but they don’t provide anywhere near the amount of grip and durability.

Environmental damage is kept to an absolute minimum, meaning landowners are much more likely to accept their use.

Once in position, the mats look very professional which again means that they are quickly accepted and embraced by organisers.

If you are responsible for sports field maintenance, then please visit our main website at Ground Access Hire and we can supply mats for either short or long term hire.

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