Monday, 20 May 2013

Size Doesn’t Matter - Ground Protection for Events Large and Small

You heard it here first...size doesn't matter, at least not when it comes to the size of your summer event or festival and your need for protecting the ground with our ground protection mats. If you are having a small village fete and expect just a trickle of visitors, a fancy wedding on a back field or a concert/music festival in which thousands might be in attendance, our team of professionals are well equipped to deal with any occasion.

We are about at that time of year, when music festivals up and down the country are either about to get under way or are in the final planning stages. There is usually a little something for every musical taste, with plenty to please the mainstream pop and rock fans as well as quirkier, alternative offerings.

For those of you who have been to a music festival, regardless of its size, your experience may first of all be dictated by the weather. If the heavens open, the bottom line is you are going to get wet, but if there are ground protection mats positioned in the most crucial areas of the site, then a mud bath can be avoided.

We have all seen images on our TV screens of completely drenched music lovers up to their ears in mud at major music festivals and it’s quite clear that in these particular areas ground protection mats have not been employed.

Although we are more than happy to tackle larger events here at Ground Access Hire, we are also perfectly set up to cater for smaller events. Things like car boot sales, markets and sports days can all benefit from the firm footing that the mats provide. If the event needs an area for car parking, this too is perfect for protection mats, with them protecting the ground from all of those heavy wheels and vehicles.

Another perfect use for the mats is to create temporary roadways or pathways for events held on the beach, perhaps a wedding reception or other beach event. The mats make it much easier for both vehicles and people to make their way across the sand to where the actual event is being staged.

If you are planning an event and are considering the use of protection mats, please feel free to contact us via our main website and we can certainly provide you with good advice and point you in the right direction.

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