Monday, 14 October 2013

An Alphabet of Ground Protection Mats: "L" for Lawn Protection

As well as being ideal for larger events and uses such as festivals and road works and other industrial situations, ground protection mats are also crucial for “smaller” uses such as lawn protection. There are a variety of reasons why you might need protection mats for your lawn, from getting some new landscaping features installed, perhaps a water feature, to hosting a summer party or even a small wedding or wedding reception on your spacious back garden.

If you are planning one of the above operations, then it will be vital to protect your treasured lawn as any heavy machinery or number of people (with their trampling feet) on top of it can seriously damage the surface and leave it looking a complete mess.

The mats are so easy to assemble, that if you have the available time, you can install or lay them yourself. If you prefer someone to do it for you, then a professional company such as Ground Access Hire can do all of that for you while you concentrate on your upcoming event or occasion.

When your event or period of construction/work is concluded, the same company will come and collect the mats and your lovely lawn will be back on view again – none the worse for wear!

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