Friday, 14 February 2014

Heavy Duty Ground Protection with Tuff Trak

If you are expecting lots of heavy machinery and in general lots of traffic and plant across the area that needs ground protection, then Tuff Track is an ideal solution. It’s been designed specifically to handle plenty of weight and can take up to 100 tonnes across its surface and still perform admirably.

In days gone by, building sites became unbearable and often unsafe places to be and this was in part due to the state of the access points that led into the site. Without any sort of ground protection, these sites quickly became mud baths as soon as any adverse weather set in. With dump trucks, Lorries, forklifts, diggers, vans and other vehicles all using the same access points, these areas quickly became impassable and certainly slowed the whole job down, which in turn cost more and more money.

Using heavy duty ground protection mats, such as Tuff Trak helps to ensure that many, if not all of these problems don’t occur. The surface allows for excellent grip and helps to prevent vehicles from moving sideways once on the mats. There are a host of other benefits to the system too and it’s also an eco-friendly product. If you want to learn more, please visit our main website over at  

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