Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Defying the Elements and Protecting Your Outdoor Event

Although the art of accurately forecasting the weather has improved immeasurably in recent years, there is still a significant fly in the ointment. We might be able to tell what’s coming and even when it’s coming but we can’t actually stop it from coming. When those rain clouds bubble up and the wind gets going, there is quite literally no stopping it.

So, the best way to deal with it is to have the best preparation possible. On an individual level, this might mean taking a waterproof coat to work with us because rain has been forecast for later in the day but what do you do if you are the organiser of a large outdoor event, be it a summer music festival or unique ceremony of some kind.

Well, you plan for each possible eventuality, at least in terms of the weather. If it’s really hot, you will need to make sure all of the visitors have plenty of water to drink, if it’s really wet, you might want to have waterproofs to sell or even to give away. However, you also need to think about making the venue safe. Extreme weather can have a devastating effect on the best laid plans so you need to be ready.

Ground protection mats are an absolutely essential ingredient of any modern outdoor event, large or small. Not only do they do just as they say - protect the ground - which is great when Farmer Bloggs comes round to inspect his land the day after everyone has gone home - but also they can protect the people during the festival. A mud bath is not conducive to a fun and successful event (despite some of the images you may have seen on TV over the years) and the ground protection mats can go some way to preventing the whole venue being caked in mud. There is also an element of safety to consider and the mats are particularly useful for allowing not just the paying customers safer passage through the venue but also the multitude of staff members that need crucial access to all areas of the venue.

So, you can’t technically beat the weather but you can take it on and give it a good run for its money by having your venue protected with the best planning and preparation possible. Check out the Ground Access HireWebsite for lots more ground protection details.

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