Sunday, 23 February 2014

Ground Protection Mats - The Show Must Go On

Last time out, we looked at how important a role ground protection mats might play for the humble, local car boot sale looking to combat the great British weather in tandem with protecting a piece of land that might not be owned by the organisers of the sale. It’s a double responsibility of ensuring everyone at the event remains as safe as possible and ensuring that the grounds or premises are respected and looked after.

A car boot sale may be a low key example but it does help us to see just how important ground protection can be. During the summer months, there are likely to be many thousands of events and shows taking place around the country, all of which will involve masses of people congregating in areas where people are usually few and far between in areas such as farm land, parkland or even just open countryside.

Perhaps, the biggest modern summer events are the huge music festivals that take place, with a whole collection of pop and rock stars trawling the country, performing at festival after festival. Each of these festivals involves massive amounts preparation and planning and most organisers now factor in ground protection into their overall calculations. As much as they must hope for glorious sunshine and ground that is dry, they know that the heavens may open at any time and soak the very ground that thousands of people will be walking and dancing upon. There have of course, in the past, been occasions where events have had to be cancelled because the ground is no longer safe but most properly planned modern events, tend to go ahead.

However, without ground protection mats, many more summer events and shows would be in danger of cancellation. There are probably also some land owners that simply won’t rent their land out unless they have the guarantee from organisers that the ground will indeed be protected.

As well as pop and rock concerts, there are lots of air shows, agricultural shows, car shows and a whole range of smaller village fetes and festivals all hoping to provide fun for the masses during the summer months. As organisers, it’s likely you already have ground protection issues in hand, but if you don’t please feel free to get in touch with the team at Ground Access Hire, who can not only hire out the relevant equipment but also provide plenty of advice about the best way to tackle the issue at your event.

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