Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Summer Wedding Success with Ground Protection Mats in Your Marquee

Summer weddings are always popular, and outdoor weddings especially have become even more popular in recent years. Everyone hopes for good weather on the big day itself and with a little bit of luck, the sun will shine and it will be a magnificent event that Bride, Groom, friends and family remember for many years. Regardless of the weather, however, plenty of preparation needs to be made when planning an outdoor event, perhaps even more so than an indoor wedding.

There are safety elements to consider that might otherwise already be taken care of at an indoor venue and of course the weather itself may yet play a big part. If you are hiring a big marquee for the event, either for the wedding ceremony itself or the reception afterwards, you need to consider the nature of the ground beneath the marquee. It might even be the case that you are hiring someone else’s ground and they have stipulated that they would like it back in very good condition.

Ground protection mats or temporary road mats as they are sometimes referred to, are the most obvious solution as they are versatile enough to work efficiently on most ground surfaces and really do increase safety levels. There might be a lot of people passing through the marquee and the more stable and even the ground is, the more successful your event will be. If the rain does unfortunately fall, you will certainly be glad you decided to hire or buy these protection mats as they can potentially prevent an actual mud bath from taking place.

The mats can make the ground as even as possible and provide a good walking surface for all those attending the wedding or other special event. A company like Ground Access Hire can provide you with much more information about the mats as well as actually supplying them for your event. In most cases you can choose to hire or buy. If you hire them, the engineers at GAH are able to install them in time for your event and also disassemble  them when the Bride and Groom are happily married and all the guests have gone home happy from the day’s big events.

Visit the Ground Access Hire website for lots more details.

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