Tuesday, 20 May 2014

5 summer events that might require ground protection

Aside from a new building project, there are plenty of other reasons why ground protection companies are likely to be very busy this summer up and down the country. Hopefully, the weather will be good and all of the events will be a huge success. Let’s take a quick look at some of those organisers who, if they haven’t already, need to be in contact with companies like Ground Access Hire to ensure their ground or land is sufficiently protected.
  1. Summer Weddings – Not all summer weddings will have an outdoor function, but there is growing popularity for this kind of celebration. Weddings or receptions might take place in a private garden or on a piece of public land and ground protection mats could be used as walkways or underneath marquees to provide a suitable surface.
  2. Music Festivals – It won’t be long before these festivals are in full swing around the country. They vary in size but whoever is on the bill, make sure that ground protection is seen as a priority.
  3. Sports Field Maintenance – The summer is often the off season for many sports and is usually a time to refresh and renew playing surfaces. Ground access mats can help make the procedure much easier and safer.
  4. Car Boot Sales – Not one that you would necessarily associate with ground protection mats, but a boot sale in the mud is generally no fun at all – so well worth considering.
  5. Villages Fetes and Fairs – You may be hoping for the sun to shine but if the rain comes and there are no mats in place, you might as well send everyone home!

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