Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Hiring Ground Protection Mats Made Easy

When hiring ground protection mats for your event, building project or other circumstance, it’s important to ensure your planning is spot on. You don’t want to pay for the mats for longer than you need to, so it’s important to make sure your dates are as accurate as possible.

Ground Access Hire can not only deliver and collect protection mats but can also install and assemble if so required. Here are a few quick details that will make the process of ordering much, much easier.

We will need not only your address (for further communication) but the actual address and postcode you wish the ground protection mats delivered to. As mentioned above, the relevant dates that the mats are required for and the length of time that they will be needed.

If possible, it would also help us to know what the ground conditions will be like where the mats are to be laid. We realise, if you are ordering well in advance that this can be difficult, but if to the best of your knowledge you can supply us with details, this will help immensely.

You will also need to tell us what the mats will be used for. Are you planning a small event, where just people will have access across the mats or will they be used for something much bigger and require vehicles to have access across the mats? If you will be using them for a temporary road, what length and width do you need them to be?

If you need any more information, you can find it on our website at Ground Access Hire.

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