Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Ground Access Mats Pitching in for New Playing Surfaces

It’s the time of year when football clubs and other sports clubs around the country that feature a playing season that primarily takes place in winter months, are taking a well-earned break and perhaps looking to improve or totally renew their playing surfaces for next season. Time is of course of the essence, as ideally you don’t want to be laying new turf during the potentially hot and dry summer months, so with just a few weeks of late spring remaining, work forces are busy preparing their new playing fields.

Depending on both the size and location of the project, access will need to be considered as removing and then laying down a new turf surface can be a big task and involve a lot of heavy machinery. How will the machinery get from one end of the ground to the other, how will the vehicles enter and exit the site itself? Very often, the solution is to use what are often called ground protection mats as temporary roadways that provide access to everything entering and exiting the site.

There are likely to be diggers, tractors, dumper trucks and a variety of other specialist equipment requiring access to the important site and the ground protection mats, which are relatively lightweight are able to take all of their weight whilst protecting the surface underneath from any unnecessary damage, are a crucial part of the process. You may have seen this sort of mat in action before as you have passed various building sites.

They help to not only protect ground underneath but also help to provide traction for those vehicles and workers on the top. If the weather takes a turn for the worse, the mats will also help to prevent those particular areas from becoming a quagmire of mud and water. If everything is planned well in advance, all being well, your sports club or football team can start looking forward to a new season playing on a brand new surface that will hopefully deliver success on the pitch.

Ground Access Hire, are a company that hire and sell ground protection mats for situations like those mentioned above and plenty of others too. Please feel free to visit the main website, to learn much more about how you can protect your ground for any future events or building work.

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